45-90 day treatment centers focus on addicts/alcoholics that have struggled with using for a repeated amount of times. The more long-term drug/alcohol treatment, the more suited these centers are for individuals who have "relapsed" frequently. Relapsing is a very serious act for a drug addict/alcoholic. Going back to using, whether it be meth or alcohol, can be extremely detrimental and end in death, jail time, or the insane asylum. The main reason long-term treatment centers exist is to halt relapse from happening again.   

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What is the cost of longer term treatment?

The cost of going to a long-term drug and alcohol treatment center depends on whether or not you have insurance. The type of insurance you have, if any, along with the specific insurance plan, is the largest determining factor on what cost will be. 45-90 day drug/alcohol treatment centers usually offer a cheaper monthly rate for full stay residents. This can be in a variety of amounts depending on the type of treatment center, the amenities, the level of care, etc.

How to know if 45-90 treatment is right for you?

Each individual is different. Each person has experienced more or less of an addiction. Each person's emotional state differs. The differences in each person allows for people to find a center which is designed to help them, specifically. Whether it be dual diagnoses, relapsing, or IV drug use, we know where to find the best help. Most people, who have attempted treatment before and find themselves in the same situation, may want to consider long-term treatment. 

The biggest difference between short-term and long-term treatment, speaking generally and obviously, is the length of stay. Someone may need only 28-30 days. Someone may need longer. Call us today to find out what you or a loved may need.