28-30 Day Treatment centers are usually fast paced, to the point, and insurance friendly. However, if more time is deemed appropriate, 45-90 Day Treatment Centers also exist. Most of our suggested facilities are either in network with major treatment centers, or have good relationships with insurance companies across the US. Each of our recommended in-network facilities are ranked the top in the world. They provide a solid 12-step structure and an in-depth clinical approach. 

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What does "in-network" mean?

"In-network" means that the drug and alcohol treatment center is a preferred provider. This means that the cost out of pocket can be much less, if any at all (depending on insurance). Most in-network facilities we suggest have beautiful scenic views and a sound recovery approach. We will be happy to point you in the right direction. 

How much money will drug and alcohol treatment cost?

That depends on a couple of things. The first and most important question is: do you have health insurance? If not, then private drug and alcohol treatment can be covered by out of pocket funds (based on our highly successful suggested drug and alcohol treatment centers). If you do have health insurance, the next question is: what kind of insurance plan do you have? The amount of money covered by the insurance can only be known after the drug and alcohol treatment center has run the insurance information. 

Do not let financials ruin the opportunity to save your (or a loved one's) life. Remember, the best investment is the investment in yourself. It is better to find a solution for a drug/alcohol problem today, then live a life filled with misery, pain, and suffering. 

There are many programs in the U.S. which offer 28-30 days of treatment. To find out about the best 28-30 day treatment centers, call us, send us a message, or chat with us now.